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About This Class

In the live 3-hour Live Online workshop, I will guide you to look within and ask yourself if you knew how to become confident what opportunity would you say Why Not to?

Start with Why Not™ is about introspection, vulnerability, and self-discovery.

We are living our lives based on the chances we took or the circumstances that guided us. Our level of confidence in ourselves affects both our thoughts and our actions. What if understood the meaning of confidence and that developing was a step-by-step process - would that change our life choices?

Irrespective of your profession or education this course will lead you to uncover what you truly desire and open your mind to living a life that you are meant to.

There are three distinct parts in this course:
•  Uncover your Why Not
•  Implement your Why Not
•  Live your Why Not

Together we will:
Part 1: Uncover Your Why Not
•  Unpack our conscious and unconscious bias about ourselves.
•  Learn how our fears are the roadblock to free will
•  Carve strategies to begin the self-discovery process
•  Leave with you uncovering your Why Not

Part 2: Implement Your Why Not
•  Strategize to create an action plan
•  Set goalposts and timelines
•  Create a support system
•  Learn to lean in

Part 3: Live Your Why Not
•  Learn to self-reflect
•  Differentiate between progress and perfection
•  Give and receive feedback
•  Find joy in the Why Not

It is time that you Start with Why Not™ and live your best life!

More Info

  • Date: Start May 9th 12 pm EST
  • For: Everyone
  • Time: This Live Online class is offered on the First Friday and the Third Sunday of each month at 12 pm EST.
  • Tickets: Tickets are no longer available


Start Your Why Not Journey


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