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you are a woman that recognizes her capabilities and wants the confidence to manifest them by:

  • eliminating self-imposed limitations
  • facing fears that are holding you back
  • learning how to become bold and assertive
  • being seen and heard in all areas of life

If this is you, then you are in the right place!

Get ready to step into becoming a more vibrant, empowered and confident version of yourself.

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As a young immigrant, woman, parent and entrepreneur I had to adapt to survive, and in doing so, I became my own first student. I embraced my father's confidence mantra, blending his wisdom with a deep connection to my spirituality, transitioning from a 'why me' perspective to a 'why not me' outlook on life.


It's my mission to help women stop second-guessing themselves and confidently step into their inherent power.

Here's my story

let's build confidence

Experience a transformative workshop where you will:
•   Step outside your comfort zone
•   Become bold and assertive
•   Present your point of view
•   Advocate for your beliefs
A systematic approach designed for you to:
•   Overcome self-doubt
•   Enhance your self-worth
•   Discover your "why not"
•   Live life confidently
Bring positive change in your family with strategies to:
•   Communicate meaningfully
•   Support each other
•   Give and receive feedback
•   Live family life joyfully

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The Power of Why Not


A Confident Mindset™ (ACM) was born from my personal journey, where I turned adversity into achievement, both as a mother and an entrepreneur. Recognizing the profound influence of this mindset sparked my true calling in life: providing confidence education. Since 2015, I've been fortunate to empower others with confidence.

About ACM

let me become your Confidence Educator

Our programs inspire you to delve into your strengths and areas for growth, fostering a positive shift in mindset.

You'll effectively reduce anxiety, overcome fears, and alleviate stress through the application of coping strategies.

You'll begin constructing your ideal life by seizing opportunities and embracing a "why not" approach.


Let's start this journey together!


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