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Try Our Free Class (100% Online)

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Namita Prasad is a Confidence Educator      and author of The Power of Why Not.

Her revolutionary approach to confidence development redefines confidence as a mindset, one that can be taught systematically. She believes anyone can become confident and develop A Confident Mindset™ (ACM), a 6-step framework to instilling confidence. ACM unlocks a person’s full potential in life, both at home and at work. It allows them to become their best and most confident self.

To instill A Confident Mindset™ (ACM) in children we offer a school yearlong program. We also offer afterschool classes, workshops and summer camps for children. These programs provide children with tools to not only empower themselves with ACM but also enhance their connection with others.

Confidence Building in Schools
Confidence Building in Children


What would you do if you had all the confidence in the world. Join us in this 3-hour Live Online workshop, Start with Why Not™ to manifest your full potential.

Live Online

You know that confidence is pivotal to your success. But how does one become confident. Learn in this On-Demand course that “No one is born confident, but anyone can become confident.”



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Nobody is born confident, 

but anyone can become confident.

We believe mindset before skill set and are committed to spreading the knowledge of Confidence Education. A Confident Mindset™ (ACM) changes the trajectory of a child's life. ACM is taught as a year-long school program and also through direct child-facing programs.

A Confident Mindset™ has programs for schools.

Confidence Building in Schools

A Confident Mindset™ has programs for children.

Confidence Building in Children