Are you tired of second-guessing yourself?
Is it time for you to conquer your fears?
Do you want to shine in every area of your life?

If you've landed here, you're in the perfect spot-this confidence course is crafted with you in mind.

Step into Confident Woman

A transformative course for total empowerment 

What our course includes

Immerse yourself in captivating, uplifting videos filled with life-altering insights.

Boost your confidence effortlessly, anytime and anywhere, using these practical strategies.

Apply the knowledge gained from the videos into immediate action to accelerate your progress.

You are not doing this alone. Namita is here to support you on your confidence journey.

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Embrace confidence at your convenience with our voice-only option, designed to fit with your busy schedule.


 you will receive

28 Days of Gratitude A Journal to Boost Confidence

Thoughtfully crafted, this journal empowers you with daily reflections, practical exercises, and celebrations of victories, guiding you to overcome challenges, tap into your inner strength, and step into a brighter, more confident version of yourself every day.

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Here's what you'll learn

 Module 1

• Understanding Confidence
• Zones of Confidence
• Demystify Confidence

 Module 2

• Mindset v. Skill set
• Your Personal Mindset
• A Confident Mindset™

Module 3

• Embrace Your Unique Vibe
• Your Strengths and Areas for Growth
• Don't - Fake It Till You Make It

 Module 4

• Understanding Fear
• What we fear
• Coping Mechanisms

 Module 5

• Self-care
• Practice Self-Compassion
• Setting Boundaries

 Module 6

• Acts of Kindness
• Accountability Towards Others
• Making a Difference in the World

 Module 7

• Embracing Opportunities
• Actions of Practice
• Self-Reflection

 Module 8

• Circle of Confidence
• Glow and Grow
• Process Outcomes

Ready to soar to new heights of confidence?

Progress at a speed that suits your schedule!

Embrace the journey at your own pace; there's no finish line. Our online confidence course offers flexibility to accommodate your schedule. We understand the busyness of life and the challenges of carving out time. With lifelong access, you can pace yourself and return for inspiration and guidance amid life's changes.

Is the entirety of my confidence journey confined to an online course?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The online course serves as your gateway to valuable content, exercises, and more, designed to instill the 6 steps to developing A Confident Mindset™. Additionally, you're invited to participate in live sessions, held twice a month by a Certified ACM Adult Practitioner™, providing opportunities for interaction, discussion, and support in your confidence journey.

Hi, I'm Namita

I am a Confidence Educator & the founder of A Confident Mindset™ a 6-step framework to developing unstoppable confidence. Confidence wasn't innate for me; it's a mindset I cultivated. Possessing A Confident Mindset™ (ACM) played a pivotal role, altering the trajectory of my life. Recognizing its impact led me to my life's calling—confidence education.

Stories from Individuals Who've Discovered Their Confidence.

The "Confident Me" course is IDEAL for you if you're a:

 Striving for career advancement, negotiating raises, and confidently contributing in meetings.

 Aspiring to cultivate boldness and assertiveness for effective leadership.

 Focused on boosting confidence to instill resilience and self-assurance in her children.

 Seeking to reclaim confidence while healing, redefining, and navigating her life.

 Embracing the understanding that she is complete and enough on her own.

Eager to move forward and embrace her journey towards living her best life.

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  • 8 Modules

  • Actionable Strategies

  • Accompanying Workbook

  • Access to 3 Group Coaching Calls

  • Invite to Exclusive Facebook Page

  • Lifetime Course Access

  • 28 Days of Gratitude Journal

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