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You aspire to be

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Are you yearning for a tighter bond within your family?
Struggling to forge a meaningful connection with your child?
Striving to create a serene and harmonious home environment?

Look no further – this course is tailor-made for families seeking positive transformation.

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A Pioneering Course for Family Empowerment 

What our course includes

Dive into uplifting videos offering content to foster positive transformation within your family environment.

Boost your confidence effortlessly, anytime and anywhere, using these practical strategies.

Collaborate as a team to implement the insights from the videos and foster positive change within your family.

You are not doing this alone. Namita is here to support you on your confidence journey.

Join our exclusive Facebook group and connect with like-minded individuals on a mission to foster confidence within their families.

Embrace confidence at your convenience with our voice-only option, designed to fit with your busy schedule.


 you will receive

28 Days of Kindness A Journal to Boost Confidence

Meticulously designed, this journal empowers your family to participate in daily acts of kindness towards family, friends, and the community. It encourages both individual family members and the family to embrace the role of givers to boost confidence and fortify the bonds within a family.

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Here's what you'll learn

 Module 1

• Understanding confidence
• Confidence is a mindset
• The Family “Why Not”

 Module 2

• One Word Check-ins
• Be confident vs Become confident.
• Progress not Perfection

Module 3

• Celebrating Family
• Facing Families Fears
• Coping Mechanisms

 Module 4

• Being thankful
• Acts of kindness
• Giving and receiving compliments

 Module 5

• “Why Not” Plan
• Actions of Practice™
• Being accountable

 Module 6

• Elevate the plan
• Circle of Confidence™
• Glow and Grow™

Empower your family to radiate confidence

Progress at a speed that suits your schedule!

Embrace the adventure at your preferred speed; there's no final destination. Our online confidence program provides adaptability to suit your timetable. We acknowledge the demands of managing a family and the obstacles of finding time. With perpetual access, you have the freedom to set your own pace and revisit for motivation and direction amidst life's fluctuations.

Is the entirety of the Confident Family Journey confined to an online course?

DEFINITELY NOT! The online program acts as your access point to valuable content, activities, and beyond, meticulously crafted to impart the 6 steps to cultivating A Confident Mindset™. Moreover, you're encouraged to engage in live sessions hosted by a Certified ACM Adult Practitioner™, offering chances for connection, dialogue, and encouragement throughout your confidence-building journey.

Hi, I'm Namita

I am a Confidence Educator & the founder of A Confident Mindset™ a 6-step framework to developing unstoppable confidence. Confidence wasn't innate for me; it's a mindset I cultivated. Possessing A Confident Mindset™ (ACM) played a pivotal role, altering the trajectory of my life. Recognizing its impact led me to my life's calling—confidence education.

Insights from Families That Have Cultivated Confidence.

The "Confident Family" course is PERFECT for you if you're a:

A family seeking to enhance communication and build resilience together.

Tailored for those aiming to foster a positive and cohesive family dynamic.

Perfect for parents looking to instill a sense of contribution in their children.

Families wanting to strengthen bonds and reduce conflicts.

For those desiring a more confident and harmonious family.

You and your family want to deeper familial bonds.

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  • 6 Modules

  • 3 Implementable Strategies

  • Accompanying Handbook

  • Access to Monthly Live Online Support (for 6 months)

  • Invite to Exclusive Facebook Page

  • Lifetime Course Access

  • Family Contributions Journal

  • 28 Days of Kindness Journal

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