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Why it matters 

Well-meaning adults, be it parents, educators, or coaches, want children to be responsible. Research has shown that children who have deep connections are more likely to do the right thing.
Effective Discipline offers strategies to well-meaning that teach children to become responsible.

Why ACM requires Discipline

The 3C’s of ACM are Courage, Character, and Commitment.
It takes self-belief (Courage) to bring change. Discipline requires self-regulation (Character). Performing the Actions of Practice™ (Commitment) is the foundation for developing discipline.

Our method

  • Identify problems and focus on solutions
  • Give significance to the child’s point of view
  • Work with the child to uncover their strengths
  • Encourage Actions of Practice™
  • Create a Circle of Confidence™

What we will cover

  • The meaning of discipline
  • How to have a conversation that is compassionate yet firm
  • How to create long-term solutions instead of punishment
  • How to encourage with Glows and Grows
  • How to shift focus from outcome to actions of practice

and much more…

Aligns with

  • SEL Standards
  • Character Principles
  • 21st Century Skills


Raise an independent thinker who is disciplined


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