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About This Class

As a well-meaning adults, you hope to instill confidence in the children that matter to you. You tell yourself, confidence matters – all you want is for someone to show you how to transform your home to have a Climate of Confidence.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, educator or coach, this class will give you the tools that you can implement right away to bring positive change. This interactive class is designed to guide you as you establish a new set of confidence building thought processes and vocabulary in your family. 

In this 120 minute class, speaker, author and confidence educator Namita Prasad, will guide you and empower you with tools and processes to create a more productive atmosphere within your family.

This transformation requires you to have the willingness to be open, to share your stories and to trust in the process. Of course, we’re there to help you!

Together we will:
•   Redefine the meaning of confidence
•   Expose the #1 reason why children say “no” to opportunities
•   Learn what behaviors lead to confidence
•   Discover how to gauge a child’s state of mind
•   Set up a method to give and receive feedback

Meet Your Instructor
Namita is a Confidence Educator and the founder of A Confident Mindset™.
She is a speaker, author, and evolving mother. She believes no one is born confident but anyone can become confident. Her confidence building programs instill A Confident Mindset™ and transform the lives of adults and children. To her, confidence is the bridge for an individual to choose to say “why not” to opportunities rather than “why”. Namita has dedicated her life to the Why Not Movement.

More Info

  • Date (Option1): March 26th, 2pm-4pm
  • Date (Option2): April 2nd, 2-4 pm
  • For: Everyone
  • Length: 120 mins
  • Tickets: Tickets are no longer available


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