Clarify Your Why Not

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About This Class

The second step of your Why Not journey

For the wholesome WHY NOT experience, we recommend you take these three classes in order. Uncover Your Why Not”  Clarify Your Why Not  Live Your Why Not

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After you’ve completed Uncover your Why Not, the next step is to step back and clarify the real life application of your Why Not. This is where you work on understanding if and how your Why Not can be clarified and molded to fit into your current lifestyle.

Together we will:
•   Look at your Why Not discovery in the scope of your current lifestyle
•   Do a self-analysis to gauge how to make your “Why Not” work
•   Breakout into small groups to help each other clarify the feasibility of your “Why Not”
•   Leave with a real-world applicable Why Not

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More Info

  • Date: April 2nd, 2-4 pm
  • For: Everyone
  • Length: 90 mins
  • Tickets: Tickets are no longer available


Uncover Your Why Not


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