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The power of Why Not

The Power of Why Not

A Guide to Raising Confident Children who are Happy, Kind & Successful

Namita Prasad’s groundbreaking book, The Power of Why Not, tells the incredible story of a woman and her journey to build confidence. Her childhood, with a military father, encouraged her to approach life with a “why not” attitude. She found her confidence almost crushed after a sudden move to a new country and on the heels of a failed marriage. She eventually relied on the “why not” approach as a single mother and entrepreneur.  She then decided to teach children how to build confidence in their daily lives. Namita developed a 6-step framework of A Confident Mindset (ACM) that has redefined what confidence means and transformed how it can be instilled in anyone. What started as one small after-school enrichment class has now developed into a passion to reach hundreds of children.

In her book, The Power of Why Not, she shares a practical guide to help any child achieve A Confident Mindset™ which consists of courage, character, and commitment.

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Lisa Luther, Principal, Brookfield Elementary School, Troy, MI

“Raising confident children who can excel at school and in life is the goal of all parents and teachers. Namita’s practical program for possessing A Confident Mindset™ has helped our students and their parents navigate the challenges of today’s world. The Power of Why Not is an indispensable guide for parents, teachers and children.”

Jennifer Brown, Head of School, Birch Grove University Prep,
Oakland Charter Township, MI

“Our entire school community from toddler through middle school adopted A Confident Mindset™ program following an intensive professional development for the entire staff. The curriculum is age/grade-specific and encourages open discussion as well as private reflection. The result is astounding! Staff and students are more open to attempt new skills, explore freely, and support one another as champions and rocks. This guidebook should be on the nightstand of every parent and the curriculum should be implemented in every school.”